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YouTube is The Most Popular Music Streaming Service



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YouTube is The Most Popular Music Streaming Service

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

It’s no surprise why YouTube has been so popular among music lovers. More than two billion people come to the site each month, and that number just keeps growing! 

It’s exciting news for those of us who love listening to new tunes – you can find your favourite artists on YouTube now more easily with their first audio advertising format.

It was announced this afternoon in a blog post by YouTube Global Head of Music Lyor Cohen

Music video streaming is quickly growing in popularity: More than 2 billion people come to YouTube each month to experience music,”

YouTube is making serious strides with its music service. As well as audio ads, which are in beta, YouTube will be launching ‘dynamic music lineups,’ packages of channels by genre (including Latin songs). Cohen’s blog post also gives some other stats about the consumption of this entertainment on YouTube: with more than 85% of music video viewing happening while it’s being watched actively on 60% of mobile devices.

YouTube is a powerhouse in the music industry. So much so that 22% of all views account for more than half of YouTube’s total revenue generated from ads, according to Pex. That’s not even counting live concerts and other content creators like vloggers!

– Midia Research has published an analysis today with some interesting findings about how people use their time on Youtube, claiming 47% are weekly active users ahead of Spotify at 29%.

2 billion people watch music videos on YouTube every month. That’s more than the number of users who log in to their regular accounts, which is a little over 2 billion according to video statistics from February 2019. The only question here is, whether or not 100% of these viewers are logged in at any given time since there have been so many new updates and features that keep us guessing about how long the average person spends watching this content per day?

YouTube’s new features are not only making the lives of viewers easier, but they’re also helping artists to reach their goals.

At a time when streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have been criticized for failing musicians financially by paying them so little in royalties that some find themselves living on as low as $500 per month (that is really hard), YouTube has stepped up its game with new features such that it will be much simpler than ever before for users who want to consume music content online. For instance, now you can watch videos offline! The old process was tedious because you had to wait until your device connected again after being disconnected from WiFi or having entered an area without service–how irritating! 

Alphabet, the parent company of YouTube also recently announced that it has more than 30 million music and premium subscribers. This includes five million on free trials which is a 32% increase from this time last year! 

The advertising revenues have grown by $500m in just one quarter to over $5billion with an estimated half-a-billion dollars going towards music royalties for rights holders…

Right now, people are looking at how much money should be invested into content creators as well as artists who aren’t necessarily signed with labels but still make their own tracks. People don’t want any heavy limitations or restrictions placed when it comes to what they can do online such as posting videos without permission if you’re not violating copyright laws – currently.

YouTube is trying to do better about music. They’ve just introduced a new blog post, and they have new packages that will help advertisers get in touch with the popular tunes on YouTube. Plus there are some features already available like buying ads around their Top 100 charts or quality gigs for those who want something more specific than what you might find during your regular browsing session (or even if you browse while playing songs). With all these options it’s easier now than ever before!

This year, YouTube Music has also: launched a weekly music show called ‘Released’ to spotlight a key new release just before it goes live; continuing to add more personalisation tweaks and recommendations for its playlist. 

The platform, which is now part of Google Play since earlier this year (yay!), continues adding brand new features all the time without stopping there:

YouTube is constantly working to protect its content and the rights of creators, but it’s not always that easy. Recently there were a few disputes that left some people thinking YouTube was less than reliable. For instance, when Danish collecting society Koda removed music from their country because they thought that YouTube wasn’t paying them enough for royalties on those songs – this has since been resolved by a new licensing deal! As individual European countries decide how best to implement the EU’s copyright directive which includes sections on safe harbours and liability of online platforms over user-uploaded copyrighted content; intense behind-the-scenes lobbying sparks ill feeling between companies like Youtube who want more flexibility in transposing legislation with Music rightsholders who fear free expression.

Still, with more than two billion monthly music users on YouTube, this makes them the world’s most popular service in terms of tunes; and as such, they’re being challenged to up their game from an advertising revenue perspective because currently, only one percent or so of all viewers pay anything at all for what they watch. 

That means there’s plenty of room left over to try new things like adding some form of compulsory subscription fee either through ads or direct payment without any loss in numbers while boosting royalties accordingly: something Google should be happy about considering now.

If you’re a musician and you’re looking to grow on YouTube, you should check out our other posts.

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