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Is The Weeknd A Music Marketing Genius


Is The Weeknd A Music Marketing Genius

In this video, we discuss if The Weeknd is A Music Marketing Genius? After his performance on the NFL Superbowl.

So, is the weekend a music marketing genius?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days you may have seen The Weeknd on the super bowl halftime show?

You may have seen the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and even Beyonce on there before?

However, this time it was a little bit different. We had The Weeknd on there.

Now, I don’t know if you realise this, but, the performers on the NFL half-time show don’t actually get paid for this.

What they do get is a contribution to the show cost which can range up to about $10 million dollars.

Now, you’re probably going to think this is a little bit strange but The Weeknd actually put up $7 million dollars of his own money for the production costs which totally just blows my mind.

Apparently, the money he was given for the production costs he felt didn’t really match his vision of the actual show and that’s why he ended up pouring over $7 million dollars into the show.

You’re probably wondering “why the hell did he pour his own money into the show?” as well as receiving other money for the production costs?

Let me tell you something, this was a genius move.

Did you realise that the super bowl show can reach up to 100 million people worldwide?

What I love about this and what I really respect is the fact that he was actually getting extra exposure for himself and his brand which means he was able to reach a brand new audience as well as his existing fan base.

I want you to study this really really carefully. What he’s doing is he’s front loading everything on the front end (he’s willing to actually incur costsin order to get exposure) and what he’s going to do later.

In the next week next month next year or so he’s actually gonna make a lot more money on the back end of what he just did. We’re talking merchandise, we’re talking TV appearances we’re talking all the memes that have got going on.

The extra exposure he got from the Super Bowl was absolutely phenomenal and that’s why he was willing to actually pull his own money into it because he knows he’s going to pay now but he’s going to actually get more money on the back end of this.

This is what I wanted to relate it to you as a musician. You see what happens is, you can do something very similar. Obviously, not on the same scale as the Super Bowl.

We’re going to use Spotify and Apple Music as a similar sort of thing, obviously not on the same level. But, it’s going to be very very similar.

You use Spotify amd Apple Music and all the other streaming platforms to get yourself out there gain yourself more exposure.

Then, what you’re also going to do is post your content post your music on social media for free. It allows you to actually use social media to actually get more exposure for you and your music.

We can actually use what we call a “funnel”. You’re going to get all the exposure from Apple Music, from Spotify, and all your social media posts right at the top of the funnel, and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna funnel three people through into a Facebook group into Discord and what my favorite is and you guys probably know this by now an email list.

Now, even though you’re posting your music on Spotify and Apple Music, we’re not going to put all of our tracks on there. We’re going to keep some exclusives back.

These are ones that your fans are going to download later, but, we’re going to charge them a fee for that. And, depending on where you are of your music, we’re also going to sell merchandise as well.

So, can you see how this works?

You’re using the exposure of Spotify and Apple Music. You don’t put everything on there, just a few tracks on there, post your music on social media, little snippets when you have a launch.

At the moment, everyone’s trying to make money from the streaming revenue and they forget that they can actually make money on the back end as well.

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  1. Like this piece on The Weeknd.. Question, these days we put every song we created, at least I do, on Spotify. Were you suggesting that we should hold some songs back that fans can only have access to / download as a reward for having done something? If so how do you determine which songs to hold back ?

    1. Hey, Russell. This is a great question.

      In essence, you'll want to hold back the very best songs. These are the ones that will be your exclusive (download only).

      By doing this, you'll be able to make much more money as an artist.

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