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Spotify Improves its ‘Promo Cards’ Feature For Artists


Spotify Improves its ‘Promo Cards’ Feature For Artists

Spotify improves its ‘promo cards’ feature for artists
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Spotify launched its ‘promo cards’ last year as a way for artists to promote their music and playlist adds to fans on social networks. Now the company is upgrading the feature with more options, having seen hundreds of thousands of these cards created and used by artists.

Spotify has unveiled an upgraded version of their ‘Promo Cards’ which are aimed at helping musicians get new followers through sharing digital content like songs or playlists they have made available solely in this format on Spotify’s platform.

Fans of any artist will be happy to know that they can now utilize a wide range of exciting new options. There’s milestone cards for artists who have just reached the 1,000 follower mark as well as those with 100 million followers and more! Chart positions are also available alongside deep-linking capabilities in which fans can click through to promotional posts when music is released within the last week. 

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Finally, playlists offer an easy way for anyone’s favorite artist or band to share their work with others by turning them into promo decks; there are 30 additional playlist templates included this time around.

Among the new achievements are: Milestone Cards where you show off your progress from having less than 1000 followers up to reaching milestones.

Artist milestones are back! If you’re an artist with over 1,000 followers on Spotify and want to reach out to your fanbase in a new way besides just posting songs that they can listen too; now’s the time. You can create milestone cards for reaching 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 500K or even 2 million people following you – it’s up to YOU how many milestones (and what kind of milestone) suits your needs best! Say thanks by creating beautiful thank-you graphics, thanking fans for following along while also encouraging others who may not have heard about you yet.

This is the ultimate countdown to success – you don’t have to wait around for your track’s playtime and streams numbers as with Spotify charts, you can get a satisfying visual representation of how close you are getting! When it reaches the Top 50 in Top Global Weekly Songs chart that means only one thing: PROMO CARDS TIME!! This Chart milestone comes with an exciting prize–the Promo Cards feature the artwork from YOUR song AND its position on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 list! Show off those digits by tweeting @SpotifyCharts so we can celebrate together 🙂

To celebrate an artist’s anniversary or a special album, you can create Milestone cards. When you’re making the card in the web app, just select “Focus” then choose from one of the options like Artist Anniversary and change it to “Milestone” on Customize stage. If your favorite musician hasn’t reached this milestone yet at Spotify, they won’t be listed as an option for that Focus section so make sure to check them out!

New Release Badge

Music producers can now release Promo Cards for their new music to help build up anticipation. For tracks, albums and Podcast episodes released in the past seven days, there will be a special badge that indicates it’s brand-new.

New Music: New promo cards are available on Spotify so you know what’s fresh off the press from your favorite musicians

Promo Cards Site, Now in French

The Promo Cards site is now available in six languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. Today they’re adding support for their francophone friends around the world by including a new language option on their website – French!

More Playlists

The Promo Cards extension for Spotify has now been updated to include over 30-playlists from around the world. The new additions are 100 Altar, Baila Reggaeton, Hot Hits USA Indienesia (both Indonesian and English versions), It’s Hits (Denmark/ Norway/ Sweden/ Suomi Finland) Fresh Folk & Gospel Music in Indonesia, Live Country, Mood Booster, Naik Daun, Northern Bars, Our Generation, Oyster Radar Indonesia, Punjabi 101, Top Christian Top 10 Songs, We Love Who We Be, Worship Now.

Spotify launched Promo Cards with support for more than 60 of the favorite playlists on Spotify including 100 Alaltar – a playlist created by Billboard’s number one Latin artist Luis Fonsi! 

Deep-linking to Promo Cards

Deep-linking is now available on their site. It will help artists and label teams coordinate around the creation of Promo Cards more easily by adding deep links in to navigate, which you can then send to a collaborator so they don’t have to search for it themselves. As an added bonus – when sharing your card, custom URLs are provided that redirect directly back into the content being promoted!

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