"Day 1 - Intro & Housekeeping"

Do's and Don't For Your Profile


* Upload a profile headshot of you. If it's a band, then upload a logo.
* Change account header with every new release (unless you release more than once per week)
* Write a description of you or your band explaining who you are, genre of music.
* A link to a page on your website (if you don't have a website, don't worry. We cover this on Tuesday)
* Pin an MP4 video to the top of your profile. Ideally your latest track.
* Edit the MP4 so it has you talking and introducing yourself.
* Possibly do 4 -5 variations of that MP4 and keep swapping them weekly (will keep your page fresh)

Do Not:

* Link directly to YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, Instagram (this is a complete waste of time and your new potential fan will likely be distracted.
* Put hashtags in the description (this is a little 1999 and doesn’t really work anymore).
* Put email addresses on there (they are not clickable and no one is going to email your from your bio.
Put your manager, promoter’s email or Twitter name in there (this just takes people away from your profile)
* Fill your description up with emoji’s (it looks a little silly and a bit childish)


Here's the workbook.

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