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30 Cool And Creative Ways To Market Your Music with Merchandise


30 Cool And Creative Ways To Market Your Music with Merchandise

30 Cool And Creative Ways To Market Your Music with Merchandise
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The past few years have seen sales of merch skyrocket, mainly due to physical goods such as T-shirts or vinyl being sold alongside digital music purchases on sites like Bandcamp where people can buy songs without having access through traditional channels such as iTunes or Spotify.

Becoming a full-time musician is not for everyone. In the modern world, people can now sell their merch items from any location with an internet connection, and selling online has never been easier. This is a great option as it will be necessary to start prepping your store in anticipation of performing live again!

As musicians are constantly evolving – so do what sells best at different times – diversifying your product line on your website could be just the type of edge you need to survive during these tough economic times.

You’ve probably noticed that one of the best ways to increase sales is by selling your merch through a website? One way you can do this without having to store inventory or ship products out, and with more uniqueness than ever before, is integrating Printful into your site.

With their service enabled on your site, customers are able to browse all sorts of different items available immediately – from T-shirts in various colors and styles – as well as adding them directly onto their cart if they wish meaning there’s no need for coming back later when it might be too late because somebody else has already bought what was offered upfront!

Marie Kondo-ing our homes and decluttering has become popular lately but what about all those other things we need? Fans are looking for more than just your typical merch items; they want something they can use in their lives so anything from bookmarks to a mug with the lyrics of one of their favorite songs on it!

Custom Physical Merch

You need merch items that will appeal to your long-term fans, who are willing to pay more for those unique merchandise. Flex your creative muscle and make (or commission) designs based on lyrics or album art from one of the records you’ve released in the past:

  1. Pajamas/robes – I bet you never thought you would see this listed here. But, they are probably the most popular merch items your fans are likely to buy after they have your mugs and t-shirts. Surprising, eh?
  1. Loungewear – This has become more and more popular and has now infiltrated the music space. The fact that more people are working from than at any time in history means that trends like this rise in popularity.
  1. Custom blankets – The best part about them though? They’re portable which means you can take your favorite blankie with you everywhere because there’s nothing better than feeling snug and cozy while curled up reading under the covers.
  1. Guitar string bracelets – Broken or used guitar strings are a creative way to add something new and exciting as an additional purchase for your online merch table, without the need of any special tools. The idea is simple: just cut strands from different-colored strings so they’ll fit together in one bracelet size (you can make them shorter too if you want), then tie knots around each end with string. You could even customize those bracelets by adding charms like beads, colored threads, or buttons! Making DIY guitar string jewelry is great because it will show off the bold personality traits many musicians have, while still providing fans another opportunity to buy exclusive merchandise and support their favorite artist’s work at the same time.
  1. Magnetic poetry – Magnetic poetry is a fantastic gift for any fan of music. Inspired by the songs they love, you can create custom magnetic poem cards that are an easy DIY project to make at home with some tape and label makers . With this creative activity, fans have their own way to express themselves in your lyrics or rearrange them as if inspired from within!
  1. One-of-a-kind art – If you picked up any crafting hobbies during the pandemic (or are looking for a new one,) consider selling limited edition art pieces! Cheeky embroidery wall hoops make excellent decor and people love trying to guess what your lyrics or drawings mean. Repurpose some of those guitar strings into hanging wire by cutting them in half, then bending each piece so that they’re connected at both ends with the two loops facing opposite directions. Then tie the cotton string around where they cross over on themselves as tightly as possible before tying it off securely across from itself—it’ll be an anchor point for whatever else needs to hang here too. Hang these posters somewhere close enough together that passersby can read their messages but not full-on touching when someone leans.
  1. Custom playing cards – What if you could personalise your deck of cards to match different tracks, EPs, or albums? Custom playing cards are a way for anyone and musicians to create their own signature decks, whether it be as simple or complex as they want. 
  1. Custom Puzzles – The best way to engage your fans is by giving them something fun and challenging to do! A puzzle from the latest album artwork will be a great addition for those long days at home.
  1. Signed posters – Signed posters are a die-hard fan collectible item, so make sure you always keep any remaining posters from all of your shows. Especially if they’re silk-screen or hand-painted! You’ll be surprised how quickly these will get scooped up as mementos.
Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

Scalable Physical Merch

You may find that your staple items – the ones you know will always appeal to fans and sell well – are not necessarily what sells best for you.

This is why, at Printful, a variety of options are on offer, so that if there’s an item in particular that doesn’t test as well but can still be marketed effectively, it won’t go to waste!

  1. T-shirts – T-shirts are a trendy choice for anyone looking to promote themselves. Use them as part of your latest marketing campaign by incorporating new designs or adding customized logos that will help you stand out from the competition and get noticed more easily!

To make sure your promotional efforts do not go unnoticed, use T-shirts with customizations on them so people know who they’re getting when they purchase one! You can also add graphics such as an album cover or logo – whatever fits best.

  1. Hoodies – Hoodies are a must-have for every season. Add your logo to zip-up, lightweight hoodies, or heavier fleece ones depending on the weather and seasons in order to stay warm!
  1. Hats – For those who are looking for a great way to advertise, hats are the perfect solution. Snapback caps have plenty of room on the front and side panels in which you can add your logo or name that will be sure not to go unnoticed!
  1. Phone cases – Phone cases are a great way to show your brand off in front of new customers. Make sure you have both iPhone and Android options, as well as sizes for each phone case type available so that all fans can enjoy their favorite band’s logo on the back of their phones too!
  1. Stickers – If you are looking to keep costs low while expanding your business, stickers will be a perfect option. With so many different styles and colors available for purchase on the market today then there is no excuse not to invest in this product! Take it one step further by offering some sticker designs that people may not have seen before 
  1. Mugs – Mugs make a great gift – people usually enjoy drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate for the less caffeine-driven, so you can choose to offer them some simple mugs. You could design them with colorful artwork of lyrics that are meaningful in your life and they will love their new favorite mug.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
  1. Socks – Socks are changing, and not just in the sense that they’re becoming more fashionable. The global sock market is worth $11 billion USD at the time of writing but it’s expected to grow by over 41% in a decade with new trendsetters like Rihanna making them part of their everyday routine! Rihanna has been seen sporting socks as an accessory for her outfits time and again from dressy clothes to casual wear – she even rocked heels and striped ones on the red carpets this year! There’s no denying how popular patterns have become lately too – different types including animal prints, polka dots or argyles all add variety depending on your mood at any given moment.
  1. Tote bags – Tote bags are also growing in popularity – aside from being stylish, they’re better for the environment than plastic alternatives and California has even gone so far as to ban them with others following suit. So we can expect stores everywhere to give out reusable totes while customers shop instead of single-use plastics which end up cluttering up the planet. By making your own custom personalized tote bag, you give listeners an opportunity to express themselves while doing mundane tasks like shopping for groceries!
  1. Custom Coffee Beans – There are a handful of companies out there that will let you buy coffee beans with custom packaging. A name is just the beginning, though – and your clever wordplay on this doesn’t have to be limited to what’s printed on the package! It can also manifest in how it tastes – think about using an interesting combination or type of ingredients like chocolate, hazelnuts, vanilla extract, etc. when designing recipes for both cold brews and espresso drinks at home. After all: who wouldn’t want their morning cup o’ joe served up by “The Chocolate Nutty Coffee Bean”?
  1. Pens – Pens are without a doubt the most losable item on this list. But they may be worth getting anyway because you never know when it will come in handy!
  1. Custom Ear Plug Cases – Protect your ears by providing earplugs for others! You can get custom cases to put them in, with the name of your band printed on them. Put a couple of foam plugs inside and have these available at the merch table so you’re always promoting good habits.

Custom Digital Merch

Digital merch is a growing marketplace, and the beauty of it is, you can offer your products to fans anywhere in the world. If you are looking for some one-of-a-kind items to put up on an online store, then this list has plenty of ideas!

A) One way digital goods businesses could market their merchandise more efficiently would be by creating customizable designs or themes centered around holidays like Christmas or Fourth of July.

It will give them something new they can share with their customers every holiday season while still offering discounts during these busy periods where many people buy gifts as last-minute presents. 

B) Promotional offers should also focus on discounted prices so that customers see how great deals await them when purchasing from specific brands.

  1. Artbooks – Fans of your art will be endlessly fascinated with all the ways to dig back into a past artist’s history, so an interactive digital collage book full of old show flyers and discarded lyrics from when you were on tour is sure to pull them closer.
  1. Video or board games – Making a themed video or board game is an excellent way to pass the time! There are many games that let you create custom designs, so your fans can wear gear in-game.
  1. Setlist – Why not give your fans the opportunity to buy a whole show? You could sell individual items on your store page, or offer them the chance to purchase everything you’ll be playing at that concert. Dedicated listeners will jump for joy when they get an exclusive setlist put together from all of their favorite songs!
  1. Commission a song – Offer them a personalized song! You can even offer fully produced recordings, which are great gifts because they’re so personal and specific. For those who don’t feel confident in composing music on demand or want something more flexible than original compositions, cover songs are also possible – it could give classics a new life with just a little twist of imagination.

Scalable Digital Merch

Merch can be sold again and again to people who are interested in your work. They add value for you, while giving fans at all levels a way to show their support

Add some merch that can be sold many times to different people. These merch items give the store variety which is attractive on its own but also gives customers more ways of supporting you as they see fit.

  1. Sheet music – Sell sheet music for your fans who want to learn how to play the songs you made.
  1. Guitar tabs – You can also sell guitar tabs for your songs if you’re playing a lot of the music on them. You can always sell some tab sheets to go with your album!
  1. Lyric or poetry books – If you have some design skills, why not throw together nicely formatted eBooks with your lyrics from each album? If you’re looking for something to do in between long studio sessions or just want an artistic outlet outside of music videos and songwriting, consider authoring a book. You’ll get the chance to be creative on different levels while still getting that warm ‘n’ fuzzy feeling when people read what you’ve written. If there are any poems or lyrics sitting around gathering dust because they didn’t make it onto one of your albums as songs but were too good not to share anyway then now is your time!
  1. Sample packs – To make your music stand out from the crowd, you should group loops and sounds into different genres. Then offer them as individual downloads in an online store to maximize profitability on a niche market.
  1. Music lessons or workshops – Have you ever thought about teaching your instrument online? Why not offer a series of virtual lessons or recorded workshops for customers to download and enjoy…
  1. Live/ virtual concerts – The use of technology has made it easier for artists to reach their fans. If you have video footage from your live shows, consider editing them together so that those who couldn’t attend can feel nostalgic and are able to share the experience with other attendees. You can also sell tickets for private concerts as well that allow one-on-one interaction; this is great if there are people all around the world wanting an up-close view but cannot make it at present or even purchase a ticket due to economic issues outside of their control. 

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