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They Say

Nunny Boy


"My man, Des always comes through with the best hints, tips, cheatsheets, you name it. He's got loads of handy tips for musicians for the likes of, if you're launching an album or single. Stuff to do before, stuff to do after, stuff to do during the launch. Sounds simple enough, but, a lot musicians overlook these things."

Leigh Thomas


"I wanna take a couple of minutes and talk about how incredible, kind and knowledgeable Des is. His dedication to The Music Marketing Academy and to helping artists and songwriters like me grow is truly amazing. I feel super grateful that I was able to work through his course full of tips of music marketing."

Nathalie Miranda


"I would highly recommend Des and his course to any musician. Whether you're an up and coming artist or whether you've been in the industry slightly longer. All the information he gives you is really accessible. And, more importantly. It's really, really useful."

A Darling

"What I like about Des' course, is that it's easy to use, it's easy to understand and it's easy to implement. I'm so focused and driven to market myself more, promote myself more and just reach more people with my content and with my music. And, this course definately helps me to overcome obstacles which I didn't realise were in my way to begin with."

Knowgood - Artist, Innovator, Producer

Iman Ahmed - Bass Player, Musician

Chili AF - Hip Hop Artist

Philip Erywon - Rapper, Musician

Jafro Music - Producer, Musician

Konrad Auhofer - Musician

Orange G - 1 Person Band

Andy Rowe - Podcaster

Nunny Boy - Producer, Musician

Demi Michelle - Singer, Musician

Dusty Grant - Singer, Musician

Jamie Jamal - Singer, Musician

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Music Release Checklist

Are you planning on releasing a track soon?

Whether you're an indie or you run a small label, sometimes there's just too many things to do and too many things to remember.

That's why we decided to produce this handy little checklist, so you can keep track of what needs doing.

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